What is Mysterium Project?

Just imagine that you want to play escape room, but you can’t, because of the pandemic. So, we design the game based on escape room and we send the game materials (clues) to your home and you can play it at home.

How many people can play this game?

Technically the number of the players is unlimited. You can play it by yourself (solo player) or play with your beloved family and friends. Recommended number is 1 to 4 people.

Do this game involve any mobile app?

No at all. The package that is sent to you contains the physical clues, so that you will play the game physically! Hands on! In the middle of the game, you might encounter some digital clues, which you can obtain by access the link of a cloud storage given by the case.

What will I get when I buy the game?

Depends of the chapter. Each chapter will give you different physical clues. For example, in the first chapter, you will get two envelopes, contain letters, photos, bookmark, and USB storage.

I never play escape room before. How difficult the level of this game?

We design this game for the long run. Progressively, the difficulty level will increase by the number of the chapter. The first chapter will be the easiest, and the last chapter is the most difficult one.

How long is the game can be played (for the first chapter)?

You can expect to play this game for three days to a week in average. The hardcore player might solve this chapter in one or two days.

What can I expect when I play this game?

It will encourage you to think out of the box, to think critically solving the case, and of course, fun!

I see that we can register ourselves in the website. What is the function of the website?

The website will be the platform for you to get the lifelines. On the website, you can see the rank systems among all the players as well.

What is lifelines?

Lifeline is the part of game system that we design to give you ability to ask help when you find yourself a dead-end. Each player will obtain 3 lifelines when start a new season and 1 lifeline when you verify your email.

When and where can I find the side quest(s)?

The side quest(s) can pop up everywhere and every time. It can appear within the chapter or pop up in our Instagram account. So, stay tune and follow our social medias.

I am using a Macbook and have difficulty to open the USB storage. What should I do?

For the Mac users, please download Hasleo Bitclocker for MacOS & OS X.

How to calculate the scoring in the Hall of Fame?

Check this link to see the scoring scheme.